Nils Mulvad

Nils Mulvad

Editor at Kaas & Mulvad, associate professor at The Danish School of Media and Journalism

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Ministry of Agriculture: OK to farmers’ desire to keep infected pig farms secret- FOI-organisation complains now

After delivery to the slaughterhouse the stable is flushed with high-pressure.

The Danish Ministry of Agriculture now accepts that a writ of summons from the farmers association will once again delay publication of information about the pig farms that house the dangerous MRSA bacteria. The FOI-organisation Aabenhedstinget therefore asks the Ombudsman once again to intervene in this case and overrule the new exposure. “There are no new arguments from the farmers. They have just screwed the boot in and sent a summons. It seems to have an impact on the Ministry, which has deferred their decision. Continue Reading →

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Jutland has a problem: Dangerous pig-bacteria on humans concentrated in municipalities with many pigs


There is a very clear connection between the number of pigs in a municipality and the number of infected humans with the dangerous pig bacteria, MRSA398. Danish farmers reject the specific risk for humans getting MRSA from pigs. PHOTO: Bæredygtigt Landbrug
The number of infected people with the dangerous pig bacteria is 13 times higher if you are living in a municipality with more than 400,000 pigs, than for people who live in a municipality with few pigs. This conclusion is drawn by Ingeniøren magazine after calculations of the number of pig bacteria in Danish municipalities, which the authorities have revealed to Investigative Reporting Denmark on the basis of a freedom of information request. See the story in Ingeniøren: “Svinefarme i nabolaget mangedobler risiko for smitte med svine MRSA”

Black: More than 30 cases
Red: 20-30 cases
Light Red: 10-19 cases
Grey: Below 10 cases
Humans infected with pig-MRSA in 2012 and 2013 in Danish municipalities. Continue Reading →

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Danish Ombudsman: Names of infected pigfarms must be public

If one pig gets sick, the whole flock gets medicine.

More than two years ago Kjeld Hansen and Nils Mulvad from Aabenhedstinget asked for a list of farms infected with the dangerous pig-bacteria, MRSA398. In a final decision yesterday, the Ombudsman declared, that the authorities have no legal argument for keeping this information secret and it therefore shall be given to the journalists. Aabenhedstinget asked the authorities to deliver the full list in less than ten days, immediately after the decision from the danish Ombudsman was made. Journalist Kjeld Hansen did that on behalf of Aabenhedstinget. In his application to the authorities Kjeld Hansen stressed the delay during several years of getting full information, that the former refusal had let to. Continue Reading →

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Danish pig farmers and health authorities don’t warn employees and visitors on dangerous bacteria – clear rules needed

Direct contact with infected animals has the highest risk of transmitting the MRSA-infection to humans.

Danish authorities don’t check which pig farms are infected. Most pig farmers and people working on pig farms are not tested to check if they carry the dangerous bacteria. Visitors don’t know if a farm is infected.  
According to rules established by the Danish labor inspection, pig farmers must inform their employees if MRSA is demonstrated in their pig herds. Nobody knows to what extent this actually takes place, and there are no demands to inform previous employees if MRSA is demonstrated later on, says Hans Jørn Kolmos, professor of microbiology and chief physician at Odense University Hospital. Continue Reading →

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Results from Danish Roundup trials of genetically modified corn from Monsanto kept secret – expert criticizes

Danish Ministry of Agriculture

The Danish Ombudsman supports Monsantos wish for hiding failed cultivation test with Roundup on genetically modified corn. This decision is criticized by Oluf Jørgensen, Danish expert in Freedom of Information. The former minister of agriculture Eva Kjer Hansen (V) together with Gerhard Deneken, leader of the state trial farm in Tystofte showing the test fields for GMO corn in 2009. Foto: Danish Ministry of Agriculture. The Danish Ombudsman, Jørgen Steen Sørensen, declares his support for the confidentiality of test results for experimental cultivation of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn. Continue Reading →

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Investigative Reporting Denmark needs Crowdfunding: 5.000 USD

Investigative Reporting Denmark needs 5.000 USD to get going. We need your money to continue to produce stories.  

Our first story: GMO lose Europe – victory for environmental organisations




Former minister of Agriculture, Eva Kjer Hansen, predicts in 2009 a great future for GMO corn in Denmark. Four your laters the trials went wrong, data are kept secret and Monsanto has decided to withdraw GMO development and sales in most of Europe. Sponsors

As an organisation or company you can support us and get your logo on our sponsor page. Continue Reading →

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Naturstyrelsen tvang forskere til at slette kobber-konklusioner


Naturstyrelsen tvang forskere til at slette tre afgørende afsnit i et notat om kobberforgiftning. Vildtforvaltningsrådet besluttede herefter, at der ikke var behov for flere undersøgelser af kobber i vildt – direkte i modstrid med forskernes oprindelige konklusioner. Smågrise får store mængder kobbersulfat i foder for at øge tilvækst og begrænse diarré. Kobber er også tilsat i sliksten, som den øverst i billedet. Kobberet kommer via gylle på markerne og kan optages af vildtet. Continue Reading →

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Coverage of stop of GMO corn in Europe

Investigative Reporting Denmark on the 29th of May 2013 published the story on Monsanto halting production of genetically modified corn in all of Europe, except Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic. Since then there has been a lot of coverage of this round the World. Two days after Investigative Reporting Denmark broke the story, the German daily “Taz” did a story with a German angle, quoting a Monsanto-spokesman from Germany on the same message. That story was quoted by Reuters the same day and the story then went round the World. Here are some examples with links to the coverage:

Continue Reading →

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Editorial board for Investigative Reporting Denmark selected

An editorial board for Investigative Reporting Denmark have been selected by the board. The group on five members will work as a draft editorial board until they are formally elected at the next annual meeting. Christian Jensen is chairman of the editorial board. He is editor-in-chief at the danish daily Information. He has a long background as investigative reporter and editor for investigative projects. Continue Reading →

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Brigitte Alfter win media freedom prize

Investigative Reporting Denmarks Brigitte Alfter together with Tongam Rina from India, Jörg Armbruster and Martin Durm from Germany and Ides Debruyne from Belgium are laureates of the “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media” 2013. Brigitte Alfter get a new media award. “With the prize, the foundation honours five individuals, who bravely und courageously show commitment to the freedom of press. The prize, which is endowed with 30.000 Euros, will personally be awarded to the laureates on October 8, 2012 in Leipzig,” writes the Media Foundation in the press release. Since 2001, the Media Foundation awards its “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media” to journalists, publishers and institutions who show a strong personal commitment to the freedom and future of the media. Continue Reading →

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