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Three deaths of hospital bacteria spread by pigs

Three people have died in Denmark due to infection from drug-resistant bacteria from pigs. None of the deceased themselves had been in contact with the animals. Data on the three deaths emerged in testimony given in the City Court of Aarhus, Denmark, on Tuesday. Hans Jørn Kolmos, professor of microbiology and chief physician at Odense University Hospital, testified about a death last December at his own hospital. “I have since learned of two other deaths, which authorities have not published,” Kolmos said in court. Continue Reading →

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Danish pigs spread hospital bacteria

Nine out of ten pigs in Danish slaughterhouses are infected with bacteria that cannot be knocked down with penicillin. Erik Larsen fights the bacteria by changing boots, washing his hands and using high-pressure flushing. DYREHAVEGÅRD, Overby: In each of Erik Larsen’s five pig stables, overalls hang in a certain colour – one for each stable. They are boil washed in the stable. They must not be mixed. Continue Reading →

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Possible punishment for revealing the names of pig farms

Two Danish journalists wrote about abscesses in children – accused of having named 12 infected farms.

Children with abscesses at the size of tennis balls in a Kindergarden in Løgstør, Denmark. Flickr. On 21 October 2010, journalists Nils Mulvad and Kjeld Hansen published an article on the website, a forum for debate on public law and journalism. They wrote of a silenced case about the difficulties in treating abscesses and ulcers in two children in the city of Løgstør in Jutland. The children were carrying resistant bacteria (MRSA). Continue Reading →

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