Publishing Google Maps for smartphone and PC

We have now found a model to publish a story with different versions of Google Maps – depending on the users device.

Look at this story to see how it is done:
145 risikovirksomheder i Danmark

Try to look at the story from both a smartphone and tablet/PC.

Two versions in Google Layer Wizard

We have made two different versions of the Google Map using Google Fusion and Layer Wizard.

From Layer Wizard the code is extracted and uploaded as html-files to a server for both maps.

Most important for the smartphone-version is:

  • Size: 290*290 pixels.
  • Only loads a part of Denmark.
  • Legends is not included in the map, but written below.
  • Infoboxes only contains little information.
  • The arrows might also be made smaller.

Plugin in for WordPress

In WordPress we have installed a plugin for mobile detect.

Look here for codes to use. In this case we have used these codes:

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