Axel Mie: ”That’s how it works; assessment is based on business funded research”

Axel Mie, associated professor Karolinska Institute, Department of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset Stockholm, Sweden.

”It’s obvious that many independent studies find effects in the development of the brain whereas business funded research finds no such effects. The present assessment of chlorpyrifos is to a large extent based on hundreds of studies finances and filed by Dow. That’s how it works. This is well known.”

”The authorities have to take all evidence into consideration, also academic studies. But usually studies financed by business are given a higher weight. Present rules make it difficult to evaluate studies not done according to the narrow templates presented to business financed risk studies. Academic studies will therefore get a lower weight.”

”My guess is that chlorpyrifos will not have a renewed approval due to the existing proofs and indicative evidences. It will be more interesting to see how EFSA assesses chlorpyrifos-methyl which is less studied and were we lack relevant data.”