Covering chlorpyrifos

The project on chlorpyrifos was first published 17th of June 2019 in EUObserver covering warnings from scientists because of its effect on humans, spread of the poison in food, the legal battle in EU and the fact that it was becoming banned in more and more countries. At the same time, market analysts predict the market to expand in the next five years. Chlorpyrifos might be banned in the EU from the beginning of next year.

On the same day all the material was released on this website with the overview of the team-members.

Le Monde, France, uncovered how only one study from Dow looked into the neurotoxicology of chlorpyrifos. The producer has refused to made another despite heavy critics of the study.

Dagbladet, Norway, focus on the forbidden insecticide found in food all over Europe

Knack, Belgium, ran a verion of the story on their webside, focusing on how widespread it is in food.

Oštro, Slovenia, covered the spread of the poison in Slovenia.

Politiken, Denmark, ran a story in the printed edition on danes getting forbidden nerve-poison in imported fruit and rise.

Danwatch, a Danish non-profit investigative centre run six stories on their webside on the background and exposure for Danish people.

The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting ran the mian story.

El Confidencial, Spain, run 3 stories on their website. Spain is one of the biggest users of chlorpyrifos in Europe, and the country is responsible for the evaluation-proces of chlorpyrifos in EU.

Newsweek in Poland covered how authorities in Poland don’t check farmers use of chlorpyrifos.