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FOI_head_trans29 journalists take the European Parliament to top EU court over MEPs’ professional expenses. This is the official overview of the project. 

25th September 2018: The general court of Court of Justice confirmed the decision of the European Parliament which refused journalists of The MEPs Project access to documents about how MEPs spend their travel allowances, daily allowances and budget for staff.

6th December 2017: Because of the work of The MEPs Project leading European media outlet Politico Europe ranked project’s founder Anuška Delić sixth among 28 people “who are shaping, shaking and stirring Europe”.

16th and 18th November 2017: The MEPs Project as a whole and its investigation into MEPs’ “ghost offices” was presented at the 10th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Johannesburg.

19th October 2017: At 9:30 in the morning the Court of Justice of the European Union will hold a public hearing in the case of 29 journalists v European Parliament.

31st May 2017: The MEPs Project publishes its first collaborative investigation into how MEPs use their general allowance, that is mainly meant to finance their offices in member states

12th September 2016: The MEPs Project send out a press release on the court cases.

7th September 2016: Law Firm Pirc Musar filed the team’s answer to European Parliament’s reply with the European Court of Justice

3rd June 2016: The MEPs Project was presented at Data Harvest 2016 conference by Anuška Delić, Crina Boroş and Staffan Dahllöf

9th March 2016: The European Parliament lodged its defense to the team’s complaints with the European Court of Justice

1st March 2016: Irish complaint filed with the European Court of Justice

20th November 2015: Press Release about the Court case

20th November 2015: Team Statement and List of Members are available here

13 November 2015: 27 complaints are filed with the European Court of Justice. They cannot be shared due to the Court case. Irish complaint will be filed in due course.

14 September 2015: Final refusal of access from the EP

21 August 2015: Parliament postpones its reply

2 August 2015: Confirmatory Application filed. It cannot be shared due to the Court case.

20 July 2015: European Parliament refuses access (Danish Example)

6 July 2015: Request for access (Danish Example)

Some of the stories in English
20 November 2015, BBC: Journalists take MEPs to top EU court over expenses

20 November 2015, EUObserver: European Parliament taken to court by EU journalists

20 November 2015, Politico: Parliament faces legal action for non-disclosure of expenses

20 November 2015, Historic initiative by journalists taking the EU-Parliament to Court

20 November 2015, News – Historic initiative: journalists take European Parliament to court

20 November 2015, OCCRP: Journalists Sue European Parliament in Historic Freedom of Information Drive

20 November 2015, Euractiv: 29 journalists take European Parliament to court

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