Editorial board for Investigative Reporting Denmark selected

An editorial board for Investigative Reporting Denmark have been selected by the board. The group on five members will work as a draft editorial board until they are formally elected at the next annual meeting.

Christian Jensen is chairman of the editorial board. He is editor-in-chief at the danish daily Information. He has a long background as investigative reporter and editor for investigative projects.

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Katrine Birkedal Frich is database editor at The Danish Broadcast Corporation, Danmarks Radio. She works with data analysis and investigative reporting.

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Henrik Kaufholz is senior reporter at the Danish daily Politiken. He has worked as coordinator of international investigative projects for many years, escpecially in Scoop.

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Suzanne Moll has worked as creative editor for investigative projects in The Danish Broadcast Corporation, Danmarks Radio for many years. She has been editor-in-chief and now works for International Media Support.

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Brigitte Alfter is the creative force behind many cross-border projects such as Farmsbusidy.org. She has been a key figure providing the impetus for many award-winning international projects.

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