Does your MEP run a ghost office?

The MEPs Project

Is your member of the European Parliament a rent payer or a subsidy player?

Last week the journalists of The MEPs Project revealed that one out of three MEPs across the EU does not maintain a national office or has declined to disclose its location. Citizens are now asking:

  • What is the address of my MEP’s national office, if any?
  • How much of the tax-free 4342 Euro allowance per month does he or she pay in office rent?
  • Did my MEP vote to hide or disclose how this money is spent?
  • Who declined to comment on their use of my tax money?

The answers can be found in a spreadsheet posted online by the MEPs Project, which can be searched by name, nationality, party group in the Parliament and party affiliation in the home country.

Also, citizens interested in #Officespotting are invited to assist in completing the picture:

  • If they find mistakes in our findings
  • If there is no office at the address which an MEP has indicated
  • If there are as yet unknown national offices for Members of the Parliament
  • If there are publicly known facts about MEPs’ office address not reported by us, or not on the official website…

You can reach us here.